Jewelry Care & Repair

At Tulola Designs, we craft using the finest Sterling Silver dipped in a signature blend of Platinum and white Rhodium. Our use of high quality materials, and a superb level of craftmanship working on one-of-a-kind art wear pieces focused on elevating traditional craftsmanship techniquest into new levels. Every piece of Tulola is made by hand and dipped in a thick coating of 24K gold.

Kindly remove them before shower, swimming or any other normal wear. Avoid the use of harsh cleaners and chemicals. Due to the purity of materials, please care for your jewel to ensure its pristine conditions. Always store in a cool, dry place and store them in a zip-lock bag provided. As like your other 24K gold jewelry, please take care to avoid hard wear and scratching the surface of your jewelry. If at any point you would like your piece serviced or re-plated, please contact Tulola Personal Shopper directly or email us at