Tulola Founders

Sri Luce - Rusna

Tulola's Founder, Principal Designer
and Creative Director

Tulola’s Founder and Creative Director since 2008.
Sri is inspired by the talents and skills of silversmiths to preserve traditional Indonesian handicrafts, and elevate them in a modern way. She leads the entire creative and studio team, production plans and strategy.


Tulola's Co-Founder and Creative Conceptor

Co-Founder and Creative Conceptor who weaves and curates the inspiration from Indonesia’s wide array of art; in the form of literary works, behaviors, and history, into Tulola's work. She also leads the marketing efforts and branding for the company.


Tulola's Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.
Coming from over a decade of experience in retail and business management, Franka consistently balances Tulola’s business operations and development plans.